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Dear Users

Our service is still young and can sometimes get in a bit of a muddle! Luckily, like wine, it improves with time.

Here are a few tips which might help you:

Follow us on Twitter in order to stay informed in real time of all updates: : https://twitter.com/streamshark

Premium hosts access is a delicate art which evolves and progresses every day.

Most of the time, try again a bit later in the day is enough to resolve the problem.

However, if the problem persists, contact us! You can do this via the link “Contact Us” on the right hand column of this page or by email: streamshark.net@gmail.com. We rarely bite and would be delighted to assist you in any way!

Similarly, in some very rare cases, payments do not appear immediately. We will process these manually during the day, with a small bonus to apologize for any inconvenience.

On the other hand, we can do nothing about the following:

  • dead links (no point in beating a dead horse!)

  • hosts in the midst of maintenance (we’re working on it)

  • incomplete archives, or without the right password (if there is one)

  • torrents without seeders (this is generally indicated on sites)

Small reminder note on what we call a valid link :

  • it looks like " http://www.abcd.com/etc "
    (for example “Megaupload” or “Film 1234” is not a link! In this case, you must click directly onto the source site’s text in order to recuperate the URL).

  • The host must be supported: the list is here http://www.streamshark.net/pages/features, the most important hosts are supported.

  • As for link protectors: they will be dealt with shortly. 

With regards torrents:

Torrents from few trackers (a minority) can be a bit long to begin with. If a torrent does not load at full speed at the end of 30 seconds, that does not mean that “it’s had it”! And believe us, all it needs is for there to be a minimum of seeders and the loading time will be largely made up for in the debit (peaks at 5mo/s are not rare).

In these cases, one or two minutes are sufficient for the launch. Over and beyond that, it is best to try again a bit later, or find the torrent on another tracker.

In the next versions of the site, this problem should be resolved.

Happy downloading !

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